Personalized Matchmaking for Community Organizers

The CrossPollinators is an online platform where you and other changemakers can share skills, knowledge of community organizations and projects to help regenerate the world.

How we do it

By helping you match with collaborators to move your projects forward, we are co-creating the most comprehensive view of community solutions on the ground

You tell us what you are looking for, we match collaborators to do it with you.

The math is simple: The more we can move your project forward, the more collective clarity we have for the Movement. Let’s cross-pollinate!

Cross-pollinate because, together, we go further…

Meet some of the CrossPollinators

Find Opportunities to Collaborate for Community Resilience in the Bay Area

Why does collaboration matter?

Collaboration is a space of opportunity where we can create a world of possibilities, knowledge, and resources. It is an active way to give, receive and grow by enriching and nourishing your ecosystem.

See what happens when you find the right collaborations on CrossPollinators.

Stop waiting for grants and volunteers to make your project come true!

Share your collaboration opportunities…

Discover creative solutions to the issues affecting your community

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