We believe that climate change is really a symptom of the broken system.

When community-based solutions are connected together, we can solve  problems as big as global climate change.

It’s 2017, and we still live in a world where we have easier access to the anxiety from breaking news and headlines. In the meantime, there are countless community-based solutions and local changemakers who are channeling their energy into reimagining the world every day. But they are near-impossible to find online.

This platform exists to provide access to solutions in the subject of women empowerment, social equity, poverty, homelessness, environment, food, water, energy, and anything building resilient communities.

What is the xPollinators?

The xPollinators (pronounced “CrossPollinators”) exists to change the way the world connects to community organizations. Activists and changemakers are spending hours mapping out resources or reinventing the wheel. Our tool connects people working on regenerating their local communities to each other in order to share resources and knowledge, as we collectively build the world up. We are closing the gap between each other, so you don’t have to spend hours researching on Google or getting lost in Facebook.

There are countless community efforts working on social good. But they are all stuck in disparate silos. This is the place for leaders to start connecting the dots to paint out a unified image of the movement:

  • Individuals can be powerful cross-pollinators by using it as a tool to store and share their knowledge of their local community; 
  • Organizations can use it as a community engagement portal to track and share resource map of relevant groups.

Contributing to the xPollinators is like building a digital garden. The more the users share what they know in their own community, the more flourishing the garden becomes. Join us to co-create a digital garden of community-based solutions to breed more pollinators for our future. This is the place for citizens to get inspired to take action and team up to build resilient communities.

Are you an Organization? Interested in having a collaborative space for your community? We make special community page for coalition-like organizations or institutions to improve their engagement. Contact Us for More Information.

Why is Grassroots Important?

There is no silver bullet to a problem as complex as global climate change. While technology is necessary, appropriate adoption to local communities is key to truly sustainable solutions. Countless heroes and sheroes have proven success by building powerful grassroots solutions for local communities. Grassroots community is the answer to climate change. It is also a great way for us to be human and connect with each other again. It is the key for us to be fully engaged with the world we live in.

Most people don’t know that because grassroots solutions directly support local communities, they are the answers to global climate change. These solutions include women empowerment, social equity, poverty, homelessness, environment, food, and energy. A regenerative future is a decentralized world without climate change – with earth care, people care, and fair share. 

Here’s a fascinating fact about grassroots: Grassroots solutions are so decentralized that it is also impossible to stumble upon them on the Internet. No matter how advance technology is today, our search engines still cannot pull up results sufficient enough to provide the landscape of the regenerative work done by grassroots organization. In order to implement grassroots solutions effectively, we need linkages to allow leaders and changemakers to learn from experiences of others. Aside from disparate forums and wikis, there is no place that effectively connects groups working on implementing local climate solutions. The common tools are Google/Yahoo/Facebook groups. This results in many groups still working in silos, reinventing the wheel. It’s time for us to break the silos and work together. 

Who is Behind This?

The xPollinators is a co-creation of our courageous community members. It was started by Crystal Huang, who spent tens of thousands of hours obsessing over inspiring climate action in people. In the 10 years working in resource recovery, energy management, and solar, she was seeking for the answer to solutions that could turn climate change around. After working in the production team for  Time to Choose (by Oscar-winning filmmaker Dir. Charles Ferguson – “Inside Job”), she realized that the real power to bring humanity to a regenerative future comes from the people building resilient communities. She sees the only way we can get to that future is when we work together to create decentralized solutions directly with the people in need.

She is very honored to be constantly inspired by the selfless work many heroes and sheroes have done to build climate solutions and resilient communities. From her conversations with them, she learned the importance of a tool to help them get connected with each other.

In 2015, she quit her job to work on her obsession over exploring how she can build cross-pollination tools to amplify your amazing grassroots work. This is a hub to link up the decentralized network of solutions. Please do not hesitate to send her any feedback on what makes sense and what doesn’t on this beta prototype.

This project was hugely inspired by Brandi Mack. It could not be done without users on this platform who are courageous leaders looking to co-create the digital platform where people can break out of their silos to work together on different projects and initiatives.

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Love?

Check out our help page for more information.

If you prefer to talk to a real person, you can find Crystal at  bee@thexpollinators.com!

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