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I started my career in building climate solutions - from resource recovery to energy and electric power system management to solar technology. The process led me to an interesting project that created the documentary film, Time to Choose (by Oscar-winning filmmaker Dir. Charles Ferguson - "Inside Job"), which I was an associate producers for. We wanted to harness inspiration to create real actions that will change the current system in order to bring more clean water, clean air, and clean food to all. When I found out community-based solutions like the one that ended violence in underserved community by growing food, I knew an open-source repository for solutions to tackle real problems is needed. After working closely with countless community organizers, the CrossPollinators was born. It is a place for changemakers to share solutions and collaborate with each other.


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  • Clean Power, Healthy Communities 2017, hosted by the Local Clean Energy Alliance, is a special gathering of clean energy and social justice advocates in the Bay Area. For the last six years, this event has

  • How do our behaviors and choices contribute to climate change? What are some changes we can make on a personal level to improve our carbon footprints?
    Guests: Sustainability Fellows from the City of

  • How will changes in weather and sea level rise effect the livability of the Bay?
    Guests: Eliza Berry from SF Bay Conservation & Development Commission and Brian Beveridge of the West Oakland Environmental

  • What local projects and initiatives can help us learn about, prepare, and protect ourselves against climate change impacts?
    Guests: Representatives from the East Bay Regional Park District, stewards of

  • With the rising tide of white supremacy around this country, we need to utilize every strategy we have at our disposal.

    Free public screening of “Accidental Courtesy,” a documentary film about Daryl Davis, an

  • The US military prepares many of its  leaders for war at the Military Academy at West Point.  At the East Point Peace Academy, we invest in creating leaders working for peace.

    The East Point Peace Academy i

  • Anastasia – Are you working with StopWaste on this? Could you please give us a little more information on who you are already working with? I know a bunch of people in the zero waste community who might be interested in working with you on this, if you are not already connected to them.

  • The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) will hold a public meeting for input on PG&E’s proposed programs to electrify transportation. At the community meeting, CPUC staff will briefly outline PG&E’s pro

  • The current and generational trauma of colonization, enslavement, white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy, and exploitation under capitalism is often held in our bodies and lands. In the Bay Area, we are blessed with

  • Maybe you’re an alum of one of MG’s Justice & Ecology Retreats over the last 10 years… Perhaps you came to an Earth Skills workshop or Race, Class, and Ecology event. …Or was that YOU in that Make it Fresh

  • Please join us for the September meeting of the Alameda County Interfaith Climate Action Network. Socializing at 6:30pm. Meeting starts at 7pm. Snacks will be served. Free. Everyone who is interested is

  • On Monday, September 25th, come hear Wolfram Morales, Chief Economist for Sparkasse, the association of local public banks in Germany, in a panel discussion on how public banks can accelerate the development of

  • Faith-rooted organizing builds on the foundation of the civil rights movement, the Gandhian theory and practice of non-violence, and liberation theology to create an organizing model which is shaped on every level

  • THE CALIFORNIA PEACE ALLIANCE: a grassroots political organization working for a Department of Peace-Building, Restorative Justice Action and NO to Jail Construction initiatives invites you to join us for our

  • In July Governor Jerry Brown and representatives of the oil industry crafted a bill to renew California’s greenhouse gas cap and trade program. The governor then rammed the bill through the legislature in less t

  • If we know how to produce food, no one can take the ability to feed ourselves away from us.

    “Building Bridges for Sustainability” events are pulling movers and shakers of sustainability together to create

  • Our vision is a more productive and sustainable community where people can enjoy a healthier lifestyle through daily access to fresh, affordable organic vegetables.

    To achieve this, our mission is to promote

  • Come and walk the aisles at the “World’s Pure Food Fair!”, an event for pure food enthusiasts, the national press, home growers across the country, farmers, school groups and the general public. The Expo is now

  • How will rising tides, recurrent flooding, and drought affect Richmond?   Many communities, institutions, and industries in Richmond already experience recurrent flooding and sewer backup. They are largely l

  • How will rising tides, recurrent flooding, and drought affect Richmond?   Many communities, institutions, and industries in Richmond already experience recurrent flooding and sewer backup. They are largely l

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