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You are here because you are courageous enough to try something new that is designed to change the way the world will connect to grassroots solutions. Below is the FAQ to help guide you through this beta prototype that we are working on co-creating with you.

If you prefer to share your request for support, comment, feedback, funnies, etc. with a real person, please do not hesitate to reach out to Crystal at Your messages are highly valued.

Learn more about this site on the About Page.

We’re basically Facebook for people doing sustainable and regenerative work, so your content won’t have to compete with cat videos.

It is a place where you can freely map out resources and have shared calendar for your community. It is a digital garden for cross-pollinators like you to building a flourishing planet. 

While you can see 90% of the content on the CrossPollinators platform without an account, your account helps you become a more intentional leader in the community. As a CrossPollinator, you can pollinate in the following 4 ways:

  1. Community. Your personal account will help you find others who are similar to you or working on something you can collaborate on. Update your profile!
  2. Organization. You can create inspirational community organizations on the Map and share ways others can engage with that organization. It can be an organization you are affiliated with AND you are simply a fan of.
  3. Event. You can share interesting, solution-oriented events with the community.
  4. Stories. Write a blogpost to share something inspirational about a community organization.

Information wants to be free, so we make it be. We will never adopt any strategy that would create a barrier or entry (like subscription fee or membership fee) for any users to use this tool.

xPollinators right now is just a beta prototype to create that collective knowledge of the Movement, so we can work on building that future more effectively as a species. While we have the vision to support the amazing work grassroots organizations have been doing for decades, we really don’t know how the community will truly react to a tech tool that can help get them organized better than Facebook can (so your content don’t have to compete with cat videos).

Building a product that can generate resource (i.e. revenue) to sustain itself will be the point of huge success, so that the platform that you one day rely on will never be at the risk of disappearing. We have some ideas that will need a lot of validation once we have people actively using the site, but we can assure you that whatever it may be in the future, we will *never* say yes to building barrier of entry (such as membership or subscription fee) or create user distractions like banner ads. It is also a possibility that this might end up having a fate similar to Wikipedia – a non-profit platform that relies on donation to survive. This is something we will have to wait and see. We are open to any path that would create the best outcome for all of us (and we mean all of us) to build that regenerative world together.

Wherever the future may take us, we are fully committed to making sure what we co-create here will live on for a greater future as a whole. For the sake of accountability, you can see my LinkedIn profile here

This is an open-source community of solutions providers. You can find all the courageous contributors here.

Individuals can use their account to post their organization(s) on the Resource Map and Community Calendar. Don’t forget to post your needs and offers on your Organization post, so people know how to best get involved with your work!

If you want to take this to a next level, we also work closely with some organizations to build special community landing page. We customize a page based on your needs as a community engagement portal for your organization to track and share resource map of relevant groups. This is especially relevant for coalition-like organizations or education programs that want to track the activities of their alumni in this movement. If you’re interested, shoot us a note at

For more information, see our partners page.

That giant list of checkboxes can be intimidating. We’re here to bring some clarity to this mumble jumble of things to click on. The Map of Organization is a huge database of grassroots groups and projects curated by our users. You can sift through this database in three ways:

1) Filter

While intimidating, the filter list is the best way for you to find the unthinkable solutions that already exist on the ground. For example,

If you’re looking for “legal service that supports social justice and women empowerment,” simply check off “Racial Justice,” “Women Empowerment,” and “Law Related.”

If you’re looking “to take action on building food justice for kids,” simply check off “With Action Opportunity,” “Food,” “Racial Justice,” and “Youth.”

If you have any questions on what the categories mean or suggestions to make it better, we’d love to hear from you at

2) Search Bar

If you already know what you are looking for, feel free to scroll down and use the search bar below the map! You can enter a name or category in one field, and then location-based information in the other, such as the zip code or town. Blog posts and pages are excluded from the directory search results to keep the results relevant, with only directory listings being shown.


Basic search

There are three types of basic boxes available on the site on event listing page viz. Event from, Search and Near. These search works as follows :-

Event From :- 

You can limit the events after a date by selecting a date from the calander.

Search :- 

If you know some part of an event name you can directly search it from search box.

Near :- 

You can also limit the events near a location by entering it in the near location box.

Advanced search

The advanced search helps you in finding the exact event you wish to locate, using four parameters. They are Title,Calendar Name, From date and To date. There is powerful filter based on event categories in which you can select a single or multiple categories to filter the events.

To use groups on the site you can click on “Working Groups” on top navigation of the site or on “Community” link on home page that will redirect you to a page containing listing of groups available on site. On this page you can click on “Join Group” button of a group you wish to join and then automatically you will become a member of that group.

Groups has 7 main functions:

  • A quick description of what this Working Group is about at the top with the name of the group admin and a button to “Join Group.” If you think it’s related to what you’re passionate about, join and stay connected!
  • Discussion – The different conversations people have in the specific group. When you scroll down, you can find the place to “Create New Topic” to start your own topic.
  • Organizers – You are an organizer, because you make amazing things happen. You can find a list of organizers in this group making this working group real.
  • Albums – the place where you can add photos and videos to albums or create your own albums to add photos in. Click on the “Upload” button to add photos. For the sake of keeping things neat and in order, you can select the appropriate album to upload your photos to.
  • Documents – Got actual documents to share? This is the place for them! Please note that this is the place for you to share completed document. We still recommend you use Google doc to work on live documents. You can use the Discussion section to facilitate conversion on a specific document, but not editing the document itself.
  • Send invites – Think someone needs to know about this group? Invite them!
  • Settings – Need to update the group description or better profile/cover photo? Turn the group public for everyone to join, closed to be approved to join, or hidden to be invite only. Give or take away moderator power in the discussion. This is the section to manage the setting of the working group.

Got ideas to use this for your project? Feel free to create your own Group or ask Crystal (at to make one for you.

You can see all the groups you’re part of, the resources you shared, and events you posted from your own profile page. Just like Facebook, you can comment, reply, delete, change privacy setting of your comments, archive groups, mark things as your favorite.

To find other people on the site and to connect with them,  go to the “Find Others” tab from top navigation bar. On this page you will see a list of all users of the site and you can send a friend request them by clicking on “Add Friend” button. This is also a Needs and Offers Status Board.

The search bar in the “Find Others” section helps you find people with a specific affiliated organization or needs/offers.

Be a good CrossPollinators and fill out as much information about you as you can think of! You can do a lot of things with your user account like see activity, profile, events, messages etc. To visit you account page just click on your profile logo icon on the top navigation and you will be redirected to the Account page. To change your password or email address, just go to setting tab on account tab.

There are a few things you can do to optimize your experience and make sure we all create genuine and nourishing connections:


1- Make sure your personal profile is complete and updated

Writing your story, areas of interest and expertise, will help people to resonate with your cause, therefore, they are more likely to connect with you, and offer opportunities  for partnership, new projects, campaigns, skills share, the possible list of collaboration is endless.

Complete your profile and show your colors to the bees!

To do so, just log into your account and write or update your Intro;  What do you do? Do you have specific knowledge or skills you would like to share? What would you like to find in the community? Why did you join the community? What is your story? What moves you?


2- Add a photo

Don’t be shy! Upload your best smiley face photo so we can recognize that friend behind that profile.


3- Make an announcement, share resources, start a conversation

We know there is a lot happening in your community or project, in the box “What Would You Like People to Connect With You Over?” you can share news, courses, resources, etc. This space is yours, is ours!


4- Set up your message alerts, and don’t miss a thing!

Last but not least, make sure you don’t miss any messages , offers or news.

Set up your email notifications and receive the info directly in your email.

Just go to “settings” and mark the alerts that you would like to receive.


*If you haven’t been active, or your forgot your password, you can recover it and start building or updating your profile.

You can make changes to organizations you added to CrossPollinators on your account:

Still Stuck? We are always here for you. Send Crystal a note at Looking forward to cross-pollinating. 🙂

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