Next Step for Children and Permaculture!

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     Crystal Huang 

    Here are the words directly from the Working Group facilitator at the 2016 Convergence! Jen Mendez, with PERMIE Kids has just launched a platform for educators to buy and sell curriculum materials. So, that is our next BIG step. It is called Community Supported Education. PERMIE KIDs is entering into a new phase as an educational resource network. We are calling all educators, creators and designers to take advantage of a special Seller Member limited time free offer to join our Community Supported Education network dedicated to nourishing life.

    This free opportunity is good not just today for ethically-aligned people and small businesses, but through the next year (or up to 100 people, whichever comes first). PERMIE KIDs designed this offer to be a win-win-win-win for Our Children and Children’s Children, Earth, Families, Educators and Communities, and Educational Resource Creators. See here for more information:

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