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     Crystal Huang 

    Urban, Suburban, Culture, Economy, Resilience. The purpose of this working group will be to show and tell what we are learning, on the ground, for transforming social and built infrastructure. The intention is to share what is learned with others, use it ourselves and put this info into the public realm by way of any media we have available. What would a culture and economy guided by permaculture ideals look like? We want to see what this ALREADY looks like in the early going.

    Repurposing the built and social infrastructure are a perfect and close to inseparable actions. This working group is important because there is a screaming need to create a green and peaceful economy and culture that can fit within its environmental and economic means, uplift the spirit and bring out the best in positive human potential. Topics will include repurposing [sub]urban homes and neighborhoods for taking care of more needs closer to where we live such as food, water and energy.

    Also, working with mainstream entities such as city programs, communities of faith, non profits, neighborhood associations, schools, business and ad hoc groups. We want to hear about social activation, place making, education, hands on initiatives in the community, personal and group empowerment that involve diverse participants.

    These stories are important because they will offer real life previews and examples of the kind of world many of us would like to see. The stories will empower the participants and participants can share what they learn with others. The group will have modest facilitatation and participants will help set the agenda. Those who would like to show and tell what they are doing are encouraged.

    Participants can also simply listen. There could be smaller sub group conversations. Preferred outcomes include broadening and deepening what we know about creating a green and peaceful culture and economy. New learning and insights can be shared with the larger gathering and our own homes, friends, communities, sharing with the wider world.

    A great outcome would be to create a social media page where we can post info, fotos, and be accessible for others who will not be at the Convergence to add their ideas.

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