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    A favorite place of mine here in my Eugene neighborhood is on public property about 10 blocks from my house. Its a 70 tree filbert grove in the Greenway along the Willamette River. The grove dates back to the late 1940’s. When the city of Eugene created the greenway, a park stetching for miles on both sides of the River, the grove became public property. It languished for years, covered with black berries and ivy, until 6 years ago, when citizen initiative was empowered by a city volunteer program. Work parties took place to restore the grove – pruning, fertilizing, mowing. A city staff person helped organize the work parties and the city provided the tools. All kinds of groups have helped out over the years from U of Oregon fraternities to church youth groups and nearby neighbors. The Fall of 2016 is the best yet for the grove. Anyone can come collect filberts. Here is more about the grove. Take home story – just about any neighborhood has some kind of place – a natural place, park, vacant spot,,,, something that can be improved and be a project site to bring people together. Maybe public, maybe private. Most cities actually welcome citizen initiative. You can call the city and inquire to find out what programs to assist citizen initiative they have to offer. Also check to see if your city or town has a neighborhood program. Become involved with your neighborhood association. Go to meetings, join the board, help make its agenda more green.

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