What are we doing at home, the street, the neighborhood?

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    Jan Spencer here.

    We had our first neighborhood watch meeting for my street. N’hood Watch is a nation wide program. Often administered by the police. I live in the county – even tho suburban – so a person from the Sheriff’s dept came to talk with us. It was pretty casual. About 15 neighbors including the co chair of our neighborhood association.

    Mostly retired baby boomers. Every one very friendly. Many people never have even seen each other before. We all introduced ourselves. We heard about setting up a watch group.

    We also mentioned many people are interested in preparedness as well. I have a great brochure about “green preparedness.” So now a number of people on our thoroughly middle class street have some idea about rain water catchment, passive solar design, edible landscaping.

    Our next meeting will be about preparedness. I mentioned that our host, Wendy, was planning to put some raised beds in her front yard and that everyone nearby should be glad about it because she will be out side in her garden, at least part of the year, with a great view of whats happening on the street. Its a pretty low crime area – I dont lock my doors – but still, great Wendy will be outside.

    I also mentioned I have a lot of great features at home – 6500 gal rain water system, various solar, food growing everywhere,,,,, and would be glad to show and tell any of that.

    I gave several green preparedness brochures to the Deputy, she was very glad to have them. Ideally, the police can promote ideas like front yard gardens.

    So the crime watch program has value on its own, but once people meet, they can recognize common interests, even introduce new ideas others many not have thought about. So first meeting can lead to more ambitious projects.

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