Map of key 'technologies' in use for Next Big Step

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     Andrew Langford 

    During the NAPC Andrew Langford and Jennifer English presented a summary of the NBS project. This is a transition moment when one phase of working (since IPC Cuba in 2014) closes and another opens (from now until IPC India in November 2017) and that the name of the project changes to Permaculture Colab.

    New members of the stewardship group (to organize the Constellation) are being sought …

    Key technologies that are being passed on from the NBS phase to the Colab phase are: –

    1. Use of the Constellation model of organizing

    2. Use of sociocratic processes for proposal development, circle organizing, decision making, role filling and more …

    3. Development of an Open Badges system for all manner of educational purposes

    4. Dragon Dreaming as our project design tool

    5. A focus on decolonizing permaculture and eliminating the Patrix

    6. Using Slack as the primary work group/messaging system

    Folks wanting to come out to play as  Constellation stewards are welcome to note their interest here.

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