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    The Permaculture Solutions for Climate Change working group is a group of practitioners, educators, researchers and organizers from all over the world with the shared goal of promoting and supporting integrative, whole-systems solutions to the climate crisis by coordinating our collective expertise, experience and efforts. The formed through the International Permaculture Convergence in 2012 and is sponsored in Europe by the Permaculture Association and in the United States by the Global Village Institute.

    The goal is to promote and support effective solutions that can help reduce the impacts of climate change and aid communities in adapting to those changes which are inevitable. We aim to establish a global reach, offering mutual support, directing resources to regenerative programs, providing information and connections to those wishing to get involved in their local communities, offering education, training trainers and amplifying the voice of permaculture in discussions and policy-making. We are currently in the beginning stages of establishment, but poised to achieve these goals, once the necessary funding and resources are secured.

    What we are looking to do:
    1. Build a resource hub on the web for climate change solutions, a portal where permaculture practitioners, policy makers and the general public can easily find current research, examples of success, case studies and best practices for carbon-sequestering approaches to land use, urban and rural planning, energy systems and ecological design at all levels.

    2. Establish a variety of presentations and training programs at varying levels, from introductory to advanced training for policy makers and land managers.

    Audience: Aimed at policy makers, activists, students, local governments, farmers, gardeners, builders, teachers, and landscapers.

    Training programs:
    Introductory presentation – a powerpoint and short talk that can be shown to policy makers, businesses, local governments, regulators, funders policy-makers, executives, teachers and activists to aquaint them with the range of solutions.
    ¥ Short program – (half-day and one-day programs) to explore solutions in more depth and
    develop strategies for organizations.
    ¥ Longer training programs – (couple of months or longer) for practitioners.
    ¥ Training for permaculture teachers – (workshops, certifications, to on-going longer
    trainings) on incorporating climate change and solutions into the curriculum.

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