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     Crystal Huang 

    Who Would be interested? The reason people who are focused on fostering widespread sustainability may be interested in this working group is because regardless of what socioeconomic class you are in, the success of such a quest remains dependent on successful across class collaboration for both sufficient willingness of at least some portion of the citizenry to carry out such a course of action and sufficient willingness of the powers that be to provide sufficiently supportive media coverage, funding and code compliance. As well as to develop ways to mitigate NIMBYism, Not In My Back Yard sentiments found to go along with many projects. 3,Outcomes of this WG, both at the convergence and beyond

    The outcomes I am seeking in general and here in particular with the WG are three fold: 1. A dialogue regarding declining socioeconomic opportunities for the majority of people and how PermaCulture can serve as today’s complimentary economic system, to the prevailing system.
    2, Discuss the steps to, and make a plan for, establishing The Sustainable Village Pilot Project, and then go out and create it. In time establish The Sustainable Village network. And then work to establish TSV in more and more locations as need be.
    3, Conduct outreach to show this as a cost effective and environmentally sound approach to meeting human need. Both for people who find the prevailing socio economic system not what they desire. And or who find themselves on or over the economic edge. To develop advisory, funding and joint projects relationship’s with philanthropies that share our mission and goals.

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     Troy Boylan 

    What is NAPC?

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     Crystal Huang 

    Good question, @troy-boylan! NAPC stands for the North American Permaculture Convergence. It was where @jayme announced the idea of building sustainable villages as a working group. 🙂

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