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     Jayme Delson 

    This quest is to devise and build real world Sustainable Villages and in time a network of them.

    Agrarian, Craft based Villages, 21 century style, adaptable to both the urban and rural environments serving the needs of rich and poor alike.

    To explore the socioeconomic significance of a widespread network of sustainable villages today and into the future.

    How we want to accomplish this is up to us. I would like to hear from you, your recommendations on this matter.

    See below for my abbreviated draft outline, it may be your suggested course of action will be more effective, I look forward to hearing your comments and recommendations.

    Once we have explored the possibilities, we may together select our best course of action.
    (Plan A)
    1, We could start by drafting a plan (program outline) sufficient to meet the needs of the villagers.

    2, A plan sufficient to meet the needs of start up funding entity’s (business plan etc) be it in cash or kind.

    3, Create for profit and Non profit entities, (or temporally use a fiscal sponsor) seek out grants.

    4, Select locations, devise a site specific Sustainable Village (with plans, costs etc)

    5, Villagers, experts and others interested people, volunteer (and or get paid) to build The Sustainable Village Pilot Project (Habitat for Humanity Style).

    6, People occupy the village, the more we can welcome people who are on or over the economic edge, the more our village will be making a difference to both the environment and society.

    If we devise much more affordable and sustainable ways of meeting human need than is currently available, we are likely to receive start up funding to do this in more locations.

    As this unfolds we will be addressing many more things, this at best can give a flavor of one way to go.

    The space below is for you to introduce yourself and to describe your interest in The Sustainable Village.

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     Troy Boylan 

    Nice. Jayme and I were meeting weekly about a year ago. We would discuss what needed doing and we’d take steps toward getting those things done. I would like to start meeting weekly again, and hopefully others feel similarly.

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